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Welcome to Ask jill the poem lady

on November 22, 2011

Welcome to Ask jill the poem lady.   Here you can learn how to write poems like a pro and even have the opportunity to have a poem written for you by jill the poem lady.   Are you trying to write poems for your bar or bat mitzvah candle lighting ceremony?  Have you been placed in charge of throwing a baby or bridal shower and are looking for a special way to pay tribute to the guest of honor?  Post your request here, and every day jill the poem lady will pick one request at random and write the poem and post it here.  You can learn to be a great writer and if you ever need help…ask jill the poem lady.  For more information or to place an order, go to

This Week’s Tip:

When writing poems for a candlelighting ceremony, get inspired.  Think about an anecdote or personal trait that makes the honoree special to you and write it down.

Example: For a bar mitzvah boy’s grandfather who passed away very recently.  The notes one could write about him are as follows:

He was Irish Catholic, not Jewish.  He was so proud of the man that David is becoming. He lived in Florida and he made David feel safe in Florida by telling him that his home was really David’s Florida home, so David was never homesick in Florida.  He was a baker, he used to make bread on the kitchen table without a bowl, he made a lake in the middle of the flour. There needs to be something about David remembering him making bread with the lake on the table.  The candle will be lit by Grandpa’s brother Uncle Frank and Aunt Marianne.  This is the first family get together without him.

With a little work you can turn it into this:

My grandfather who I love so dear

Passed away recently, but I know he is near

His was my second home in Florida, of this I know

He told me how proud he was as he watched me grow

Grandpa was a baker and bread he would always make

With flour on the table, in the center he made a lake

This candle is to honor him, that has been my plan

Please come up to light it with me, Uncle Frank & Aunt Marianne


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47 responses to “Welcome to Ask jill the poem lady

  1. Jo geraci says:

    Just wondering if you might be able to come up with a catchy poem that I could use to help market my gLovies product. GLovies are multipurpose mitts used by kids up to age six.

    • jillstar says:

      Hi Jo,

      Thank you for your submission to Ask jill the poem lady. I came up with the poem below to help market your product. Let me know if it is what you were looking for.

      All the best,

      jill – the poem lady

      As a parent it’s our task to keep our kids healthy and germ free
      With gLovies disposable hand-covers, it’s easy as can be
      The year is filled with opportunities, in no uncertain terms
      To keep kids free from dirty surfaces and from harmful germs
      In January for the New Year, potty training is a must
      When they hold onto the toilet seat, in gLovies you can trust
      February brings Valentine’s Day and painting hearts on every card
      Wearing gLovies keeps hands neat and dry, so clean-up isn’t hard
      March is the heart of flu season and doctors have declared
      To decrease exposure to swine flu, nothing should be spared
      Easter eggs in April leave dye on their hands for all to see
      Come prepared with gLovies and their fingers will be dye free
      Mother’s Day in May, is time to plant a special flower
      No dirt under the fingernails is gLovies’ magic power
      When school is out in June, dog-walking is on their mind
      gLovies can help retrieve presents, Fido leaves behind
      Summer vacation in July always includes a car ride
      gLovies are handy for rest stops where germs so often hide
      August is travel season and whether airport, taxi or bus
      Your tots will be touching everything, with gLovies there is no fuss
      September for back to school means field trips and things anew
      Hand-covers are great for kids who feed animals at the petting zoo
      Pumpkin carving in October, everyone has a blast
      Put them on when cleaning out the insides, and throw them away real fast
      In November it’s time to give thanks and to help you out, they’ll be itchin’
      Give them gLovies while they stuff the turkey, or help out in the kitchen
      In December staying healthy for holidays seems like a work of art
      Hedge your bets and let the kids wear them while sitting in the shopping cart
      They’re easy to use and fun to wear and in case it wasn’t clear
      gLovies can help keep your kids healthy, every month of the year

      • WOW! Simply amazing. Thank you Jill, I can’t wait to post this on my website. My kids got such a kick out of it and I can’t wait to see how this poem is going to help generate some business. I’m shocked at your turn around time. Thank you so much for all of your help! I will do everything I can to help spread the word about your amazing talent as The Poem Lady.

        From, Josephine Geraci, Founder of My Mom Knows Best, Inc. creators of gLovies.

  2. amber says:

    Hey this is Amber i came across your website and i like your poems. I need help with a thank you card for coming to a baby shower. The parents names are Mike and Paula. The baby’s name is going to be Dakota Mackenzie Ryan she gonna be my little sis and I’m so excited! I want everything to be perfect but i cant find a poem for the thank you cards. Can You Help Me?

    • jillstar says:

      Hi Amber,

      jill- the poem lady here. Congratulations on becoming a big sister. How do you like this for a thank you poem?

      Thank you all for coming, I’m happy you came to the shower
      You certainly made my Mom feel like the woman of the hour
      I am getting ready to make my debut for all the world to see
      Busy working and growing so my parents will be proud of me
      I can’t wait to meet each one of you, you’ll watch me learn and grow
      You’re so important in my life, I thought I’d let you know
      My Mom and Dad love your support, this is what I’m told
      They appreciate all your help as they wait for me to hold
      Thanks for all the special gifts and the outfits I’ll adorn
      Please make sure to visit me so I can thank you when I’m born

      Dakota Mackenzie Ryan

  3. NANCY says:

    Hello I am looking for something different to put on our Daughters Sweet 16 Invitation….Her name is Alexa Nicole…its on June 9th

  4. Dina says:

    Request for the baby products poem. I’m hoping this is the place you told me to send request for poem from you email dated 12/12/11.

  5. Amy says:

    Can you please help me write a candlelighting poem. The family members are from New Hampshire (they are traveling from NH to New York, just for my son’s special day) It is a geat aunt with her son and his wife. My cousin is a DR…..I personally used to be very close with them when I was a little girl, but my son doesn’t know them at all. I want to honor them with a candle since they are making this long trip just for us!!!!!!!!!

  6. Amy says:

    Here is additional info regarding the pem needed for my New Hampshire family members>>>>>here names are Aunt Janice, Cousin Lenny and Elyse!!!

  7. jillstar says:

    Hi Amy,

    jill -the poem lady here. It is very common to want to honor someone who has little to no relationship with the bar/bat mitzvah child. In those cases, I like to highlight that their presence at the celebration is important and special. Ordinarily, I like to know what number candle the people will be lighting so I can include the number in the rhyme. Because I did not have that information, I made a generic numbered poem for you. Let me know what you think.

    All the way from New Hampshire, you’ve come to share my day
    Aunt Janice, Cousin Lenny and Elyse thanks for coming all this way
    Without you here to celebrate, this day wouldn’t be the same
    Won’t you please come up, candle _____ is your flame

    jill -the poem lady

  8. Amy says:

    Wow, that’s perfect! I honestly do not know which number candle they will light yet….as I’ve just begun to organize this part of my son’s Mtzvah. This poem will definitely work! Thank you so much!!!!

  9. rebecca says:

    HI this is becca here, i came across your website and thought this was soo cool and i need help with rhyming some of my candles for my sweet sixteen! i neeed a rhyming candle for my pastor(which is his wife named Sharon), And a cousins rhyming candle- their names are (robbie, marc, nancy, tom, laura, keri, amanda, jesse and paige) if you ccould get back to me asap that would be wonderful..thankyou!:)

    • jillstar says:

      Hi Becca,

      jill – the poem lady here. Happy to help with your request for your sweet sixteen. Let me know which number candle they will be. Is there something personal about your pastor that you would like to include or something in general you would like to say about your cousins? Let me know the details and I will put something together for you. Thanks for visiting askjillthepoemlady.

      jill – the poem lady

  10. rebecca says:

    Okay well Sharon’s candle number is #7 and nothing too personal but shes always there for me and were close to her. & the cousins is candle #6 and there the BEST cousins anyone can ever ask for but its hard coming up with good poems for it! they always make me smile and have a good time as well….Thank you soo much!!!

    • jillstar says:

      jill -the poem lady here. OK Becca. Let me know what you think of these. I hope you have a terrific sweet sixteen!

      My cousins are really awesome, they do things in style
      We have such a great time together, they always make me smile
      Robbie, Marc, Nancy, Tom, and Laura you know all that I can handle
      Keri, Amanda, Jesse and Paige this sixth one is your candle

      This next candle is for the pastor’s wife who has become a friend of mine
      Whenever we spend time together everything is just fine
      You have always been there for me so it really would be heaven
      Sharon if you would come up and light candle number seven

      jill -the poem lady

  11. rebecca says:

    wow thats perfect, thankyou so muchh jill! 🙂 i have one more request, im doing a candle for my Special special cousin were soooo close its crazy and i need a really GREAT candle speechfor her its just hard thinking of one! her names Laura and we are always together and shes like my sister! if u could come up with somthing that would be great her candle is #14!

  12. amber says:

    Thank you jil i love the poem

  13. Nicole says:

    Hi i have my sweet sixteen soon and i really need help writing a poem(but i dont want it to rhyme) for my uncle that has done so much for me through the years and watched me grow up. He visits everyweek and every day i see him is so special. can you help me please?

  14. Nicole says:

    he has been there**

  15. jillstar says:

    Rarely does one have the support of someone who makes her feel unconditionally loved. Thank you for always being there for me. I love you for all you have done over the years. You are very special to me.

    jill -the poem lady

  16. Ellen says:

    Would you kindly help me (to help my daughter) compose a candle lighting poem for grandparents she has never met? It would be candle number 1. She knows of them thru our family remebrances of them, photos and great stories. She also has her great grandmother’s eyes:) Thankyou

  17. Sarah says:

    Hi, I need a non-rhyming poem for my bat mitzvah. I need it for candle #13, which is the good luck candle. I want to light it myself, but i can’t call myself up so i don’t know how to say it. My bat mitzvah is tomorrow, so if you could answer very soon that would be great. thanks.

    • jillstar says:

      To see who this final candle honors, just take a look around
      It is meant to honor each of you and I thank you for being here
      From California and Arizona, to New York City
      You have traveled far and wide to share this special day
      You made this experience so meaningful, and I say with much gratitude
      It means the world to me to have you here, this is what family is about

  18. Stephanie says:

    Hi! Figures I found this site so late in the process! Wow, you are great! We are also stuck on candle #4 which will be the good luck candle. We are doing a rhyming past, present, future with the extra candle. My daughter’s Bat Mitzvah is this Saturday, so any help you could provide would be MUCH appreciated!

  19. Jessica Walker says:

    I was wondering if you could help me with a poem for a baby shower. We want to ask people to bring a recipe card for freezer or crockpot meal for the new mom-to-be, Caroline. Thanks!!!

  20. Ben says:

    I am looking for a candle lighting poem for my grandma and grandpa from Orlando.This would be the first candle. I love them so much and spend christmas with them every year. My dad is not Jewish. My grandma makes great snicker doodles and my grandpa always gives great advice. My Bar Mitzvah is in two weeks.

  21. Ben says:

    I am also looking for one for my mom and dad. My mom is my biggest supporter and my dad is just like grandpa – always giving advice on how to survive the teenage years!

    • jillstar says:

      -jill the poem lady here. Please tell me which one you would like me to do. Unable to do two for the same person gratis.

  22. alex says:

    hi! my bat mitzvahs in like 10 months so you dont have to get this done right away, but i was wondering if you can make my 13th candle. it is for my 6 bestfriends since kindergarden. we all do competition dance together so once i call them up we will break into dance so that means that it has to say something that leads into that. we do everything together and i love them all so much. there names are tallie, sof, nikki, jord, and lex.

    • andrea says:

      hello, Can you please help me write a candle lighting poem for my daughter’s bat mitzvah? The candle number is 4, and it will be for an aunt, uncle and two boy cousins. The two boys are currently into wrestle mania. My daughter watches that a little bit as well, and that is what they usually talk about at family get togethers so I thought it would be cute to somehow mention wrestle mania when we call them up!!!! Thanks!!

  23. Heather says:

    Hi, we are having a B’nai Mitzvah for boy girl twins in 2 weeks. We are doing the rhyming 4 candle lighting -past, present, future, luck/celbration and having trouble with with the fourth candle. We’d like something that allows them to acknowledge each other and end wigh a bang. Any help you can give would be so greatly appreciated.

    • Sally says:

      I would love to hear your poems for past, present, future. I am in the beginning stages of planning a b’nai for B/G and could use some ideas. Thanks in advance for sharing

      • jillstar says:

        -jill the poem lady here. Happy to help, but you need to select one you would like me to post here. If you need additional assistance before the big day, please feel free to contact me through the form at

  24. sydney says:

    i need help to write a poem for my aunts and uncles and cousins for my candle lighting but all the cousins are together and all the aunts and uncoes are together

    • sydney says:

      hello, i need help writing my 2nd and 3rd candles for my candle lighting the 2nd one is for my grandma and the 3rd one is for my grandpa an i would prefer that it all rimed

    • jillstar says:

      -jill the poem lady here. Happy to help, but you need to select one you would like me to post here. If you need additional assistance before the big day, please feel free to contact me through the form at

  25. Alexa says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a good luck candle lighting bat mitzvah poem for me. I’d like there to be 6 lines that all rhyme.

  26. Stacey says:

    I need something to rhyme with twelve.

    Some of you are new to me and some I’ve known forever, But anything we do is fun as long as were together.

    So will all my friends come up and light candle number twelve

    • jillstar says:

      Hi Stacey,
      -jill the poem lady here. Best way to handle candle twelve is to reverse the order of the line.

      So for this twelfth candle please come join me, and make me happy as can be.


      Candle twelve is here for all of you
      Please come light it with me and make my wish come true

      You get the idea. Lots more to play around with once you switch it up. Best of luck to you.

      -jill the poem lady

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