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What Rhymes with Orange?

on November 28, 2011

If you are having trouble finding a word to rhyme with another word, you can either pick a different word (like choosing “great” instead of “good” or “sweet” instead of “nice”) or try going to
It is a great rhyming dictionary on-line that comes in handy for those tough to rhyme words.

Here is the request from a reader that was chosen as last week’s featured poem:

Jo geraci says:
November 22, 2011 at 9:55 pm

Just wondering if you might be able to come up with a catchy poem that I could use to help market my gLovies product. GLovies are multipurpose mitts used by kids up to age six.

Here is the poem I wrote in response:

Hi Jo,

Thank you for your submission to Ask jill the poem lady. I came up with the poem below to help market your product. Let me know if it is what you were looking for.

As a parent it’s our task to keep our kids healthy and germ free
With gLovies disposable hand-covers, it’s easy as can be
The year is filled with opportunities, in no uncertain terms
To keep kids free from dirty surfaces and from harmful germs
In January for the New Year, potty training is a must
When they hold onto the toilet seat, in gLovies you can trust
February brings Valentine’s Day and painting hearts on every card
Wearing gLovies keeps hands neat and dry, so clean-up isn’t hard
March is the heart of flu season and doctors have declared
To decrease exposure to swine flu, nothing should be spared
Easter eggs in April leave dye on their hands for all to see
Come prepared with gLovies and their fingers will be dye free
Mother’s Day in May, is time to plant a special flower
No dirt under the fingernails is gLovies’ magic power
When school is out in June, dog-walking is on their mind
gLovies can help retrieve presents, Fido leaves behind
Summer vacation in July always includes a car ride
gLovies are handy for rest stops where germs so often hide
August is travel season and whether airport, taxi or bus
Your tots will be touching everything, with gLovies there is no fuss
September for back to school means field trips and things anew
Hand-covers are great for kids who feed animals at the petting zoo
Pumpkin carving in October, everyone has a blast
Put them on when cleaning out the insides, and throw them away real fast
In November it’s time to give thanks and to help you out, they’ll be itchin’
Give them gLovies while they stuff the turkey, or help out in the kitchen
In December staying healthy for holidays seems like a work of art
Hedge your bets and let the kids wear them while sitting in the shopping cart
They’re easy to use and fun to wear and in case it wasn’t clear
gLovies can help keep your kids healthy, every month of the year

What would you have come up with? Post your ideas here.

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4 responses to “What Rhymes with Orange?

  1. O. G. Tomes says:

    Hello Jill,
    Here is a jingle for the “glovies”. I know its a little late but I am just now finishing up the final lap on Book 2 so I am out and about more. Hope its useful……

    Wear your GLOVIES rain or shine.
    Even while you wait in line.
    Protect yourself from harmful germs!
    Whenever your hands work or play,
    Wear your GLOVIES everyday!
    OG Tomes 12/11/2011

  2. O. G. Tomes says:

    Here are four………
    orange lozenge binge cringe fringe
    awr enj …………loz- enj …….b-inj……….fr-inj ?
    Doesn’t make a pretty picture when you think about it! . I am thinking an orange flavored cough remedy jingle. What a mix to work with!

    Its made with real orange
    And good for you because
    If that yucky old cough syrup
    Makes you cringe
    You can try our new and all natural
    Cough lozenge.

    From the makers who work like it is fun!

    Your turn! 😉

  3. jillstar says:

    Hi O.G.,

    I like your style. Not sure how I feel about lozenge as a possible rhyme, but I am willing to work with it.

    If your cough is making you cringe
    It might help to try taking a lozenge
    They come in flavors not on the fringe
    Original, Grape, cherry and orange


    jill – the poem lady

    • O.G.Tomes says:

      I love it! I can seriously see I need to subcribe to sleep for an energy booster or time which I hear is in short supply. Happy Holidays! OG

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