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Writing the Perfect Baby Shower Poem

on December 12, 2011

For a baby shower you can think of the parents-to-be and how they feel about the baby on the way.  What advice would you want to give them?  Try to include the names of the expecting parents and grandparents. If the baby already has siblings, try to include their names as well. Try to incorporate the date the baby is due (or at least the month). If they know the sex or have a name picked out, if they have a nick name for the baby in the womb like the bean or the peanut, you can try to include a line in the poem that references that as well.

I invite you to give it your best shot. Post your poem here. Use this data: Mom to be is Jane, Dad to be is John, they are having baby Mary on December 28th. Let your creativity shine.

Please post your sample poem in the comment section.

Here is the request from a reader that was chosen as last week’s featured poem:

December 8, 2011 at 3:51 pm

Hey this is Amber i came across your website and i like your poems. I need help with a thank you card for coming to a baby shower. The parents names are Mike and Paula. The baby’s name is going to be Dakota Mackenzie Ryan she gonna be my little sis and I’m so excited! I want everything to be perfect but i cant find a poem for the thank you cards. Can You Help Me?

Hi Amber,

Let me know if this little poem works for you.

jill – the poem lady

Thank you for coming to Paula’s baby shower
You truly made her feel like woman of the hour
Dakota Mackenzie Ryan will be here real soon
And Mike and Paula are just over the moon
With all the goodies, she’s off to a great start
My little sis thanks you from the bottom of her heart


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