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Baby products for the wishing well?

A new mom needs certain products to have a fully prepared nursery.  When a new baby comes home, the most immediate needs are diapers and wipes, though some parents may want unscented wipes or even cloth with water for a newborn’s sensitive skin.  Later on, products like Desitin for diaper rash and Infant Tylenol come in handy.  Note: Baby wash is not an immediate necessity as pediatrician’s recommend unscented Dove for newborns.    A wishing well at the shower filled with baby products from the guests is an easy way to meet the needs of the new mom.  We thought it would be fun to have each guest write their name on the product they donated so the parents could think of them when the product came in handy….”Aaaw, a rectal thermometer from Aunt Barbara.”  What could be sweeter?

Here is the request from a reader that was chosen as this week’s featured poem:


January 15, 2012 at 3:43 pm

Request for the baby products poem. I’m hoping this is the place you told me to send request for poem from you email dated 12/12/11.

Hi Dina, Here is a poem I wrote that can be used in the invitation:

Baby Product Poem

Please join us in welcoming the new little one

With good friends and food it’ll be lots of fun

If all brought a baby product it would be really swell

We’ll try to fill up the whole wishing well

Shampoo for her hair or Desitin is first rate

Lotions and soap would also be great

You can sign the item with a permanent pen

Each time it’s used, she’ll think of you again

They’ll be so excited, if this advice you do heed

When their little girl arrives, they’ll have all that they need

How great it will be to have their odds and ends

Contributed with love by all of their friends

Good times and laughter is what we will share

Mary will be thrilled to see you all there

In need of a special poem?  Ask jill the poem lady.  For customized  poems that can be framed for the guest of honor or the nursery, contact jill – the poem lady.

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Should the bride or mother-to-be be able to opt out of unwrapping gifts at the shower?

Yes, it is her day and she should get everything she wants.
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How do I politely get out of opening gifts at the shower?

Occasionally I am asked to write a poem for the bridal shower or baby shower honoree who doesn’t want to open gifts in front of everyone at the shower.  After all, it is a lot of attention, and a whole lot of oohs and ahhs.  Depending on the number of guests in attendance, opening the gifts can consume a good amount of time and detract from the time the honoree has to socialize.  On the other hand, the guest may have gone through trouble agonizing over the perfect gift and is looking forward to having it “revealed”.  One solution that’s not only a time and money saver, but also contributes to saving the plant, is to have a “ribbon shower”.  At a ribbon shower, the guests are advised in advance to wrap their gifts in a ribbon or flower.  There are several ways to convey to the guests that the shower will be a ribbon shower.  Here is a poem I wrote that can be included in the invitation:

Ribbon Shower Poem

You know our girl she’s a little bit shy

Never wants to be the center of everyone’s eye

One little request that we hope you would grant

Whether you’re a friend, mother or aunt

We can’t wait to see you at the shower

But please don’t wrap gifts in more than a ribbon or flower

However simple or silly it may seem

Let’s make this day for her a perfect dream

Thank you all for your consideration

(Name of mom-to-be) is going to love our celebration

Keep in mind that the shower is supposed to be enjoyable for the honoree.  In need of a special poem?  Ask jill the poem lady.  For customized  poems that can be framed for the guest of honor or the nursery, contact jill – the poem lady.

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